Cut To Length Lines or Blanking Lines

Cut To Length Lines or Blanking Lines

We supply Cut To length lines for cutting flat rectangular blanks from hot rolled and cold rolled steel coils for widths up to 2000 mm, thicknesses  up to 12 mm and speeds  up to 120 m/min.

Start-Stop Lines:

Customers who do not require the high production rates and want to process heavier gauge, non-surface critical materials go for these lines
In these lines, the leveller/flattener works in a start-stop mode. Strips up to 12 mm thick and 2000 mm wide can be processed on such line. These lines are equipped with either down cut or up cut high speeds shears with a low cut cycle time or flying shearsThe clearance between blades can be adjusted very easily and precisely with pre-calibrated single hand wheel setting.

A single loop can be added for thinner gauges before the shear to make the entry section continuous to increase productivity.

Rotory Shearing Lines:

These are used for thinner strips that run at high speeds for better productivity. Typical application is to cut galvanized or colour coated coils into blanks for roofing materials. The precision leveller runs at a constant speed. The shear blades are mounted on two eccentrics geared together and are synchronized with the sheet speed to cut exact length of sheets.150 mpm speed can be attained on such lines.


To meet the customer requirement of flat blanks, we provide levellers in the entry section These are multi roll levellers. The choice of number of rolls and diameters of rolls is decided by the strip thickness and the flatness required. Some applications just need to remove coil set and in some other applications, customers need a perfect table flat sheet mostly in thinner gauges. Levellers are 4 Hi and 6 Hi designs.

Stacking Systems:

We offer air cushion type or drop type or combination air-drop type stackers.

Multiple stackers can also be provided to eliminate stack change-over time for higher productivity.

Systems are installed to select and stack defective sheets in a separate stacker.