Design Engineering of ESP

Design Engineering of ESP


PTMS Exporters & Consultants Pvt Ltd in collaboration with their foreign partner “BMBP”PROGRESS Ukraine can provide complete design and engineering of ESP for air pollution control in thermal power plants, cement power plants and metallurgical plants at a very reasonable price.

Our partner “BMBP” Progress  has the experience and references for the execution of works for the gas-cleaning equipment, including: the development of technical solutions and design documentation, manufacture and supply of equipment, supervision of erection and supervision of commissioning work.

  • Development and implementation of electrostatic precipitators, bag filters and aspiration systems; production of wire skeletons, the filter bags; the development of automatic control systems.
  • Production and engineering of gas-cleaning equipment, production of collecting and discharge electrodes; filter-presses, drying, capacitive and non-standard equipment.
  • Carries out projects of gas cleaning equipment for industrial enterprises for clearing outlet gases of ash (electrostatic precipitators, bag filters), and Sulphur Oxides (Desulfurization).

To ensure reliable operation of the electrostatic precipitator:

  • The use of discharge electrodes and collecting specialized design that allows for the immutability of the geometric dimensions.
  • Installation of high efficiency shaking system with falling hammers.
  • Installation of gas distribution grids in the diffuser and confessors of precipitator with additional guide elements, as well as hoppers to exclude re-entrainment.
  • The use of a large angle of repose of the bottom of the hoppers to ensure the effective removal of the collected ash from hoppers.
  • Installation of vibration elements to the hoppers.
  • Optimization of distance between electrodes, the mutual arrangement of the discharge and collecting electrodes, and an electric power mode.
  • Improving the distribution of the surface current density of the corona discharge by applying different types of discharge electrodes.
  • The use of modern high-performance and high-performance process control system of the electrostatic precipitator.