High Frequency TR Sets

High Frequency TR Set

Although T/R units are reliable and guarantee a long operating life, they have a very poor power factor and unfavorable waveform of electric currents and voltages. The corona power and efficiency of ESP depends upon the average voltage. In single phase line frequency TR sets, ratio of average voltage to peak voltage is very poor. The peak voltage must not be higher than breakdown voltage of flue gases to prevent frequent arcs and frequent removal of power from the emitting electrodes by the controller to have longer de-ionization intervals.

Although using three phase TR sets in ESP offer a substantial advantage and improvements over single phase TR sets, much higher efficiency can be achieved by using high frequency TR sets.

The difference is that instead anti parallel thyristors the HF supply uses SMPS (switch mode power supply) which supplies the primary of transformer with 24 kHz AC voltage.

Input Line Voltage3 ph 415V
Input Line Frequency50Hz/60Hz
Input Apparent Power40KVA to 155 KVA
Power Factor> 0.90
Efficiency at rated load>0.90
Output Voltage80 KV DC
Output Current400 mA/ 1600 mA (DC)
CoolingForced oil/ Air Cooling
Degree of ProtectionIP 54
CommunicationRS 485 Modibus RTU -Standard
Profibus-Profinet –Optional
  • Dimensions and weights are significantly lower
  • The ripples in line current are significantly reduced
  • Power factor on input side improves beyond 0.90
  • Ratio of average voltage to peak voltage at HT side dramatically improves
  • It allows for a brief de-ionization period in case of arcing and quick application of voltage by the controller
  • Higher DC voltage with respect to peak voltage increases the corona current and higher energy and dust collection efficiency.
  • Intermittent Energization «IE» option
  • Better efficiency due to increased charge on particles and reduced back corona.
  • Less impact on the main electricity network, due to higher efficiency and better power-factor than traditional thyristor controlled re rs .
  • Symmetrical three phase load.
  • Lower transportation and handling costs, since the equipment is small and light.
  • Control cabinet and transform/rectifier built into the same unit.
  • Communicates with modbus.
  • Controls two rapper groups.