Slitting Line Manufacturers in India

Slitting Line Manufacturers in India

HR Coil and CR Coil Slitting Lines.

To increase productivity and reduce wastages, Steel slabs are rolled into hot rolled coils and cold rolled coils into standard widths. But the customer requires the coils width varying from 10 mm narrow slits to any size within the standard widths. Also for carrying out further processes in tube forming and other forming lines or manufacturing various components from the flat steel, customer needs precise width with very tight tolerances. This is done by slitting lines. Also large service centres supply the requirement of thousands of small customers in various widths who further process the steel into variety of end products and components.

We supply slitting lines designed to suit individual customer requirements and for different thicknesses and width up to 2000 mm hot rolled and cold rolled coils.

Special Features of Our slitting Lines

  • High availability
  • Low operating costs
  • High automation level to reduce non-productive times
  • Customer-specific arrangement and design
  • Automatic coil peeler for over-payoff and under-payoff uncoilers
  • Centre positioning system ( CPC) at pay off to steer the coil
  • Eccentric sleeve type slitter and a composite pinion stand drive
  • Slitter & Quick Change separator roll arrangement with Trolley
  • Separate trimming Head for trimming only
  • Below the floor scrap ballers to handle edge trimmings on both sides
  • Stabilizer roll arrangement before trimmer /slitter for anti-flutter
  • Two in-line separators to avoid over lapping of strands in case of multi-slit.
  • Single loop and double loop lines
  • Different recoiler drum designs and out board bearing supports to suit customer requirement.
  • Lap holder provided at Exit Turnstile to hold the strip
  • Swing type Belt Wrapper at the coiler.
  • Coil weighing system at uncoilerand recoiler saddles.