Galvanizing & Galvalume Lines

Hot Dip Galvanizing & Galvalume Lines

We supply hot dip Galvanizing & Galvalume Lines in different proportions of Zinc and Aluminium, and colour coating steel lines covering a wide range of coating thicknesses. Depending upon the steel grade and thicknesses and production capacity, our lines are designed for different speeds with maximum speed being 180 MPM and width up to 2000 mm. Coating thicknesses vary from 40 GSM to 350 GSM. Each line is equipped with a high-quality annealing furnace compatible with a wide variety of steel grades. The stability at high speeds is ensured by optimizing roll design, steering system and precision tension control.  

Entry coil handling section:

It consists of pay off reels, coil car, pinch roll and flattener, entry shear, welder or notcher.

Degreasing Section

We provide chemical or electrolytic cleaning depending upon the customer choice and application.


We provide vertical/ horizontal furnaces that cover a full range of steel grades & applications. 


Horizontal and vertical Accumulators at entry and exit.

Galvanizing Pots

After the steel has been thoroughly cleaned, annealed, and cooled to a temperature that roughly matches that of the molten zinc bath. 

Cooling & Finishing

After the steel has been through the cooling tower and is roughly room temperature again, it passes through a Tension Leveller. The strip is tightly worked up and down by a series of roll cassettes. Shape defects are removed from the strip as its thickness is reduced by around 0.5 %. 4 Hi Skin Pass Mill is provided before the leveller depending upon customer’s requirement.

• Auto loading of coils at Payoff Reals
• Welder for continuous operation
• Accumulators at Entry & Exit for Continuous operation of process section
• Degreasing section ( or optionally Electrolytic Cleaning)
• Non-Ox furnace with output qualities as FH, CQ, DQ, DDQ etc.
• Ability to process thinner gauges in Non-Ox furnace
• Non-Ox Furnace with Non-Water Cooled Rolls in the direct fired section thus saving on the fuel consumption.
• Final products are complying with all national & international standards
• Latest design of Air Knife to achieve lower Zinc coating thickness.
• Non-contact Leaser sensor type baffle arrangement for thinner gauge.
• Inline Coating Thickness Gauge
• Induction Pot / Metallic Pot for melting Zinc
• Lifting & shifting mechanism for changing pot during GI, GL & zero spangles.
• Movable Pendent for cooling Al+Zn Coating (GL)
• Inline Wet type Skin Pass Mill (SPM) & Tension Leveler (TL)
• Chromating & Anti-Finger Print Coating with Dryer & Cooler
• Oiler
• Recoiler with Belt Wrapper