ESP Transformers

ESP Transformers

ESP Transformers for powering electrostatic precipitators (ESP’s) with over 15 years of experience and design for high voltages up to 130 KV and 5000 mA.

  • Single Phase 110 V to 240 V and Line Frequency 50/60 HZ
  • Three Phase 220V to 415 V and Line Frequency 50/ 60 HZ
  • Output DC Voltage up to 135 KV(P) & Current up to 4000 mADC
  • Available in Hermetically Sealed Construction
  • Available with Conservator Tank Construction
  • Oil Natural Air Natural Cooling (ONAN)
  • Manufactured from High Quality CRGO and CRNGO Silicon Steel
  • Have Exported for Ambient Temperatures As Low As -40*C
  • HV Transformer, Rectifier, AC Reactor & Choke Assembly is Lid Mounted for Ease of Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Doubly Wound, Cross over Winding with Electrostatic Shield Between Primary and Secondary Windings.
  • High Frequency Chock for Surge Protection of Rectifier Diodes
  • Conforms to Protection Class IP-65
  • Bushing Orientation: Horizontal Or Vertical

In recent years, due to the increasing awareness towards pollution & changing norms of emissions by the Government Agencies World wide, it has become absolutely necessary to achieve higher efficiency from the Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) to reduced the emission.

In the last decade the maximum permissible emission form the power plants was 150mg/Nm3 in general. However, due to strict norms by Pollution control boards, the emission levels have come down to almost 50mg/Nm3. In European Union new norms of 25mg/Nm3 are being strictly enforced.

There are various ways to do this in Electro Static Precipitator such as increasing the number of fields, changing the fuels, changing control system of ESP, However all these things have some limitations in achieving the required result. To achieve higher efficiency beyond certain limits, one should need to increase corona power in the ESP to achieve better & better collection.

Traditionally Single Phase TR sets ae used that give high peak voltage for better charging of the particles but the corona current is less and if current is increased to increase corona, it results into heavy sparking / acting in the ESP.

Worldwide there is a change in concept of replacing single Phase TR sets in ESP by 3 phase TR sets & it has been observed that there is a substantial increase in the collection of ESP. Similarly, the emissions can be brought down substantially without any mechanical or process change in existing ESP.

The only care to be take is to ensure healthiness of the mechanical field before replacing 1 phase TR sets by 3 phase TR sets. 

  • 3 Phase Mains input supply with low line voltage distortion
  • Lower input inline current compared to single phase system.
  • For same KVA rating input cable and switch gear sizes are reduced
  • Higher transfer efficiency ratio of 95 % compared to 75 % with single phase
  • Fast recovery after sparking
  • Low voltage ripple higher average DC voltage
  • Fast response to sparks an Arcs

Each of the above factors offers potential cost saving for both new and retrofit installation. Lower poor consumption due to the improved power factor will result in direct cost saving. There are other potential saving with the cabling and sizing of Switchgears used at the primary size as well as increase in electrode life due to improved spark control action. The product is useful for retrofitting as well as new ESP designs. It is yet to explore but ESP design can optimized in new ESP designs to reduce cost either by reducing collection area or reducing 1/2 fields, in large power plants. All ratings are available and supplied with the highest reliability product and service. Being a rugged transformer and rectifier design the life expectancy is almost 20+ years of operation.