Controller Sets ESP

‘SPARC’ is micro controller based automatic controller for TRCCs. It regulates the output, monitors spark and arc conditions, back corona, etc. and optimizes the input electric power to ESP using charge ratio control.

The controller has several control and diagnostic features applicable for ESP environments.
The controller continuously monitors the ‘Spark’ and ‘Arc’ conditions in the precipitator and controls the Power delivered into the ESP in order to optimize ESP operation. The feature of “Back Corona Detection” ensures that the highest optimal voltage levels are maintained across the precipitator.

Technical Specifications:

  • Digital Microcontroller Based unit.
  • Inbuilt RS485 communication – MODBUS protocol.
  • 4 line X 20 character Digital LCD Backlit Display for good visibility.
  • Stepless current adjustment from 1 – 100%.
  • Charge Ratio selection from 1:3 to 1:255.

Key Features:

  • High Immunity to Interference – controller delivers reliable performance.
  • Reliable sensing of ‘Spark’ and ‘Arc’ conditions, Rapid Arc suppression to protect electrodes.
  • Quick rebuilding of ESP Power to ensure highest efficiencies.
  • Comprehensive protections including Back Corona.
  • Easy navigation of controller functions through menu driven keys.
  • Optional Rapper controls.

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